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Quality vehicle spares
in Cardiff

If you need top-quality and affordable used vehicle spares in or around Cardiff and Swansea, you can depend on E.T Davies. Contact us for more information. 

Quality used vehicle parts

We recover quality parts from scrapped vehicles. As we scrap all types of vehicle, we stock a wide variety of parts for all different makes and models. At E.T Davies, we take extra care to ensure that the parts we recover and sell are reliable and of the best quality. This is why we provide a guarantee on each part we sell. 

At E.T Davies, we grade our parts carefully, and price them fairly. We also stock a small number of imported parts. If we’re not satisfied with the quality of any part attached to a vehicle, we do not sell it. You can rest assured that you’ll always be happy and satisfied with the parts you purchase from us. 
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Some car parts we stock:

  • Car engine and components
  • Chassis and suspension
  • Interior fittings
  • Mirrors and glazing
  • Lights and lighting clusters
  • Transmission components
car engine parts

We'll mail car parts to you

If you are not able to come and buy the parts you want from us, there is no need to worry. Simply call us with an order by phone and we'll mail the parts you to you. You can use this service even if you live outside the UK as we have a great selection available to export.
E.T Davies sells a wide range of top-quality car parts in and around Cardiff and Swansea areas. Call us to discuss your needs. 
Need car engine parts in Cardiff? Call:
01443 432 324

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